June 2018 Important Updates for CERT

All members, this is the important update I sent the alert about. Please read. If you must, please click the blue Read More button to see full article.

Meeting Changes

Effective immediately, and starting with our July meeting, Pickens CERT will now only hold one (1) meeting a month unless outstanding events cause need for an additional one. These once monthly meetings will be considered mandatory for attendance. If you have an issue or need that prevents you from attending you must address this with Doc or Russ prior to the meeting. We’ve not fully decided what week or day of the month it will be on yet… we will announce that after we fully decide.

Hagood Mill

This Saturday, the 16th of June, is Hagood Mill. Although we haven’t been in attendance much this year due to other events, we will be present this month. We also need help. If you are available, please click here and sign up as normal. The link is also found at the bottom of this article and on the calendar.

Technology Issues

I am aware that some members are having some issues with email, CERT Facebook page rights and other technology issues. I am working diligently in my spare time to get these resolved. I have several tickets open with our providers and we will get the issues resolved. If you’ve noticed you’re not receiving anything, it’s probably either that you just aren’t getting anything or that these issues are affecting you. If it continues after the end of the week, please let Russ know so that I can look into on a case by case basis.

Monthly Updates

I am hoping to be able to do this type of update at least once monthly to help keep everyone in the loop. Between our mandatory single meetings per month starting next month in July and these “update” posts, you should know more about what is going on in CERT.


As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to share them with Doc or Russ. You may reach out to us by email, phone, text or by the contact us page on the website. Stay safe, have fun, come help at events, and if you don’t hear much before July 4th, have a safe Independence Day!

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